Case study

I love working with coaches because I find the work they do energising and interesting. And because I have a personal interest in online content and keep up to date with changes, I know what to look for and can access that information quickly.

The Client

This case study is an amalgamation of the work I’ve done for a few different online professionals. All of them work for themselves, some switching careers to go self-employed, while others scaled online to build on their existing face-to-face work. All of my clients will remain confidential of course.

What I Do For Them

Coaches know they need to put out regular content to grow their audience and get their name out there as well as showcase their expertise. It’s finding the time to do the content stuff that’s the problem. While they might love writing or blogging, they know there’s way more to it than that, i.e., Planning an idea, outlining it, drafting it, revising it, formatting, finding photos. So they ask me to do the leg work for them.

I work from their ideas and works-in-progress, to help them create effective output. If this is getting rough drafts to final form, I edit and proofread their copy, with some rewrites if required. If they’re struggling with what to put on their Home page, I can do the copywriting for them. If they’re stuck on their blog, I help them get restarted. If it’s wanting to create an ebook, I help them put together a manuscript.

I also make sure their website stays up to date and is well organised. I make sure their social media is present on their site and that new blog posts are being shared to their channels. I make sure their email newsletter is set up correctly. If there is anything I can do to help their web visitor get more from the website, I will suggest it to the client.

How What I Do Helps Them

1) I know what the market needs, when it comes to content that is user-friendly and that the end user will find engaging. By knowing the right ways to present content online, my clients no longer need to figure it out for themselves. This frees up their time for clients, running their business, and idea generation.

2) By keeping up to date with changes to the web, I often know what’s new before my client does. For example, I worked with a client who wanted to do more with her blog, but had no idea what to post. Because I know the types of posts blog readers prefer these days, I researched her market for her in line with this knowledge, and came back with enough topics for 20+ posts.

3) Through repeatedly working with a client, I know how they like their work presented and how they generally operate. This means they know they can hand things over and know the work will come back exactly as they’d hoped. After the first task they also feel confident that I understand their job, what they need, and to what end.

4) Because I read a lot about the web, care about the user’s experience, and care about content, my clients feel confident that I know what I’m talking about. They know my work is thorough and my advice comes from the right place. They also appreciate that I work using a clear process they themselves can follow and understand.

5) I’m often asked to comment on potential content or product ideas. As I know about the web, my client feels confident they will get the right answer they need. If I don’t know something, I will do my research so my client is satisfied. If I feel strongly that something won’t work for the web, because it’s not aligned to their brand or doesn’t make sense, my client is not offended by my thoughts. They know I care about their work deeply and want to help them create good and meaningful work.

6) I ran this post passed a previous client and he said he appreciated the fact that his website was being looked after, without him needing to do it. He liked the fact I looked out for his content and that he didn’t have to faff around with getting things formatted and uploaded.

I love doing this kind of work for coaches, so if you also need my help with something you’re working on, please feel free to book a free 30-minute discovery call with me below.