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Here’s what you need to do for us to work together.

Pick your service(s)

Take a look below and decide which tasks you’d like help with, and from there we’ll send you a custom quote.

Marketing support

Email Newsletter Management: Includes content gathering, newsletter creation and scheduling, and email management. £450 a month.

Blog Management: Create 2 pillar blog posts per month. Each post includes an SEO-friendly title, formatting, and links, plus addition of other media (video, podcast). Posts are scheduled to your social media, newsletter, and website. From £500 a month.

Repurposing Content (for Social Media): Repurpose core content marketing (podcast episodes, video, blog text) into content for 2 social media channels per week. From £550 a month.

Content support

Online Product Creation: For online courses and eBooks. Includes product assessment, structural editing, copy editing of all copy, and proofreading the final version. Price varies, too many variables.

Copy Editing/Proofreading: Includes grammar and spelling corrections, suggestions for better word choices, and trimming sentences for improved readability, and final proofread. £30 per hour, 15 hours a month.

Improve existing website

Website Audit: A detailed audit of your website – covering web content, copy, structure, layout, and headlines – to increase its marketing potential. £500 a month.

Improve Website Copy: Improve your existing business website copy for 6 core pages including Home page headlines. Includes suggestions for blog titles, footer text, and images. Price varies, too many variables.

Buffet package

If you want to order more than one service, we can create a Buffet Package for you, to better suit your needs. Decide which services you’d like (3 maximum) and I will provide a custom package, custom quote, and estimated labour time based on your selections.

How we work together

For editing and product creation

If you’ve ordered Copy Editing or Online Product Creation, we work together in a simple “you provide the material, I edit the material” fashion. I use my 5RP Solution to help turn your material around.

  • R – what is the Reason behind your content?
  • R – Revise it (edit your piece of content)
  • R – Review revision
  • R – repeat Revise & Review 2 more times
  • R – Result (finished piece)
  • P – Publish

For packages only

If you’ve chosen Blog Management, Email Management, Repurposing, Improve Website Copy, or a Buffet Package, we work together using a 6-part framework called Get Ahead Content Creation.

This framework gets both of us on the same page.

Clear Action – reduce overwhelm and get clarity on your project

  1. Find Your Gain. We define the goals behind your content.
  2. Cataloguing. Information gathering of material for the job.

Clear Path – reduce scattershot ideas and get you specific

  1. Laying Track. We come up with specific ideas based on your defined goals.
  2. Listening. We confirm the channels where you intend to publish your content.

Clear Finish – reduce procrastination and get finished work out there

  1. The 3 R’s (Refit, Revise, Review). The content production stage.
  2. Optimisation. This ensures all completed content meets market requirements.

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